Microsoft Convergence 2014 - Dynamic or Dud - One Way to Find Out!

by Nancy Phillippi 25. February 2014 11:34
My boss has always thought that vendor conventions are a waste of time and money.  However since we hear such good things about Microsoft Convergence, I am attending my first Convergence next week.  I have heard that this is 'the' event for Dynamics ERP partners and customers, oh and yes p... [More]

Windows Tweak Doesn't Address Its Biggest Problems

by Nancy Phillippi 28. August 2013 10:23
Has Microsoft made Windows 8 much better with its Windows 8.1 tweak? Not really, says David Pogue, tech writer for the New York Times. And in a recent sneak peek of the update, Pogue writes that if you’re not a fan of Windows 8, you probably won’t like Windows 8.1, as well. No Start menu... [More]


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Windows 8 for Fun Time - Not Grind Time

by Nancy Phillippi 22. July 2013 10:48
As always, Windows 8 has received plenty of bad press. Critics claim that Microsoft's efforts to offer an operating system that operates both in touchscreen and traditional mouse-and-keyboard mode have failed. Windows 8, these critics say, does not work well as a touchscreen system or a more traditi... [More]

Does Microsoft Really Need to Discount Dynamics GP?

by Nancy Phillippi 27. June 2013 04:47
As a Microsoft Dynamics Silver Partner we are focused only on marketing and selling Dynamics GP ERP software to businesses.  We are not a Sage partner anymore, we don't sell NAV, AX or SL. Our business is Dynamics GP.   We work with large, mid-sized and even very small installations. ... [More]

Bad Press Notwithstanding, Windows Still Top OS

by Richard Ayars 6. June 2013 22:05
Microsoft has taken its share of hits recently about Windows 8, the most recent version of its long-running Windows operating system. Nevertheless, there's something a great deal of critics are leaving out on the subject of this much-maligned operating system: Despite its flaws, it actually works pr... [More]

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Are Microsoft's New Logos Too Simplistic?

by Richard Ayars 28. May 2013 18:34
Poor Microsoft. The company can't do anything whatsoever without being criticized. Microsoft has already been reeling from the PR disaster that is Windows 8. A few critics are even crediting the new operating system with hastening the demise of desktop personal computers. Now critics are even assaul... [More]

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Boost Your Windows 8 Experience With These Peripherals

by Richard Ayars 31. January 2013 12:58
You purchased the new Windows 8 operating system because the system's new touch-screen capabilities intrigued you. There's just one problem: Your older computer is not a touch screen. You still open files, access the Web and manage e-mail messages using an old-fashioned mouse and keyboard. And what ... [More]

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12 Revolutionary Ideas That Fuel Distributor Profits

by Nancy Phillippi 25. January 2013 12:27
Shopping for ERP software has changed dramatically from our prospects calling a major publisher like Microsoft, or asking friends to make a recommendation and/or company employees what ERP that they have used in the past, to now completing Internet searches on software specific to a business need.&n... [More]

Use These Three Tips to Boost Your Excel Power

by Richard Ayars 3. January 2013 16:13
  If you're like the majority of people who use computers, you make use of Excel on a daily basis, whether you're calculating your household expenses and income or determining what each one of your company's sales reps sold for the month. But, if you are like most Excel users, the odds are also... [More]

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